Welcome to our website. We want to provide the visitors to our site with a selection of informative video content on the processes of making pottery. Every potter has unique ways of doing things and more and more video content is being offered to help pass tips and methods on to interested individuals. We want to feature some of the best.

Cindy Clarke from Out of the Fire Studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has been a potter for over thirty years. During the past few years we have compiled video of her making pottery. One DVD is available with another in production. The first DVD, "A Down to Earth Look at How We Make Pottery" has sold over 500 copies and is available for order online. It is designed for beginning potters and covers basic topics such as wedging, centering, throwing, and trimming.

Cindy works as "The Clay Teacher" in Alberta schools.


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How to Make Pottery

See excerpts from Cindy Clarke's DVD video "A Down to Earth Look at How We Make Pottery"by clicking HERE.

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